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The results have been beyond my expectations

In addition to simplifying it, modernizing it and making it 100% responsive, he created the Spanish version of my site.

Benefits of a website redesign

Features of a redesigned website

Now that you know the benefits of a website redesign we should list the features of a redesigned website that will rejuvenate your online presence and help get you in front of those potential customers searching for what you offer.

  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Accessible to All Users
  • Fast Load Times
  • Browser Consistency
  • Effective Navigation
  • Modern Look and Appeal
  • Optimized for Search Engines

Website Audit FAQ

A website audit is a full analysis of everthing on your website related to the level of search visibility. A complete detailed audit will give you a better understanding as to why your website is not generating the traffice you believe you should bet getting or why your sales and conversations are not improving.

A complete comprehensive audit will also provide you feedback on everything from technical issues to content related issues.

There are many “automated” website audit tools that allow you to do it yourself, but these are not meant to provide a full scope audit and will give you limited help in ways to rank better. Typically these type of audit websites will give you a generic outline of pre-determined SEO “norms” such as how many H1 tags you, how long your meta description is and similar types of things, while they make a great guide, they are not a true in-depth analysis.

You need an audit because things change when it comes to search engines and it’s important to make sure your website is up to par throughout these changes and update.

Some of the more recent additions to these include:
• Site speed
• Responsiveness
• Content
• Authority
• Technical Code
• Internal Linking

Simple websites are actually pretty complex. You are an expert in your field and we are an expert in ours. We have the experience and expertise to make your website SEO friendly.

There are many different do it yourself options you can try and you are going to find issues that you do not know how to address.

A well done website audit will give a business owner a great starting point to improve their online presence. It will include all of the current issues that your website has that is preventing it from doing as well as a could. You will also get a complete assessment of what you as the business owner can do to improve the areas that are lacking.

Once the suggestions are implemented, you should begin to see a positive impact to your business. These implemented changes can take several months to see the full impact that they will have.

What our customers are saying

The results have been beyond my expectations

In addition to simplifying it, modernizing it and making it 100% responsive, he created the Spanish version of my site.

Amazing quality service!

Jerry worked with me to ensure that my website was everything I wanted it to be, right down to the very last detail. My website came out amazing! Now it is so much easier to communicate with my clients and broadcast my work. Very thorough and accommodating!

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