I have always been a creative person. I remember being a child spending hours drawing or building things with LEGO. I’ve always had a great imagination and  imagination is what sparks creativity. I swear that creativity is in my DNA. There are so many members of my family who express their creativity in so many ways.

Years later I went from using the analog medium of paper and pencil to the digital one. I was never a great drawer and I found that I could express myself better using tools like Photoshop.

When it comes to picking what genre I wanted to focus on I decided to to go with landscapes. To me, nature is one of God’s greatest creations. Nature evokes a lot of emotion in people and I always found myself drawn to the beauty of it. This comes from growing up in the Ottawa Valley. Living in Canada gives you one of the greatest exposures to see the beauty the world has to offer.  This world has so many beautiful landscapes that offer great inspiration.

If you appreciate beautiful landscapes feel free to order one of my landscape prints.

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